Year in Review: What I did in Third Year of University

2D, 3DCG, University

While first year of university was all about introducing us into the ever-changing world that is; the CG pipeline and second year specialising in our chosen skill-sets, the third and final year was the opportunity to show what we have learnt and express it through the culmination of the final year major project assignment (and also the reason why the majority of my projects were specialised into animation). Continuing on from my previous posts, we enter my third and final year of university as this post documents a collection of all the work I have done throughout my final year.


Year in Review: What I did in First Year of University

2D, 3DCG, University

As this is the first formal post on my website, what kind of a post wouldn’t be more fitting than starting from the very beginning; my first year of university. The first year really feels like a distant memory, a post I’ll save for later, but in reality it’s only been a little over two years since I began my university life at the time of writing.

As a way of collating past works I have done, this post is a record recounting of all the work I had produced in my first year at Bournemouth University studying BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts.