Photo Diary: Third Year of University in Photographs

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How time flies by when you’re having fun and working to bone on your assignment projects. After two years of the uni life it was hard to believe I was going into my final year as a university student.

This post documents key photos I have captured over my time as a final year student at Bournemouth University from September 2015 to July of 2016. The majority of the photos were shot on my new Nexus 6 phone I bought at the beginning of the academic year while the rest were captured on my trusty Nikon D3300.


Off to the road again for final year!


Bournemouth beach looking chill as ever.


Many trips to Wetherspoons were made throughout the year.


Visited Meyrick Park on numerous occasions throughout the year as it was a good point of interest for many of my projects and assignments.


Always order the all-day breakfast burger at Wetherspoons.


An early snapshot of the third-year animation computer labs before the academic year started as they were installing new workstations with ultra-wide monitors!


My desk space in my tiny bedroom in my student house! Had to be very creative and efficient with the limited workspace I had, so I bought an acrylic shelf raiser for my new monitor! It didn’t go too well as I expected because the weight of my Dell monitor U2515H started to bend the middle of the raiser.


Lots and lots of freebies from my last ever Freshers’ Fair.


After two years in service it was time to put my Samsung Galaxy S4 to rest to make way for my new phone; the Nexus 6! Was always a fan of the stock Android experience so the Nexus line was a no-brainer. Decided to get the last-gen over the Nexus 6P which had just launched around the same time because of how good a deal I found for the old-gen on eBay.


A photo of the side entrance to out student house. Not sure why we had a traffic cone hanging around.


Thought it’d be nice to grace Matt Damon’s face onto our freezer (the smaller appliance to the right is our actual fridge).


Realising the desk raiser wasn’t working out I decided to get a monitor arm! Monitor arms never came to mind when I got the shelf raiser because I always owned desks which always had its back covered so it was impossible to clamp things onto. Luckily this desk has a small area where the back was exposed in the middle so I was able to. Also to avoid any additional house deposit deductions I used folded newspaper sheets to cushion the clamp to keep the desk from being damaged.


Seoul Plaza is a Korean and Asian food import store situated on Winton high street in Bournemouth. I regularly stopped by when I do my food shopping to pick up a few things.


We were studying on animal performances during one of our animation workshops so our lecturer brought in her dog so that we could record reference footage to work from!


Stir fry everyday.


Messing around after our digital matte painting workshop had ended.


Photo of Halo nightclub obscured by construction fencing to build a shopping and cinema complex.


A foggy morning walking through Slades Farm Park on my way to uni.


Visited Lewes to check out its traditional bonfire night! You can see more photos I’ve taken in my separate post here.


Early storyboard planning for my group’s final year project!


Was talked into signing up for HelloFresh from these door-to-door salesmen so I thought why not give it a try with its promotional first month! Really nice and fresh ingredients but sadly the weekly/monthly boxes were just way out of my student budget.


I took my DSLR camera and tripod on my way to uni to record reference footage for my final year project and on one late night walking home through Slades Farm park I decided to stick around to practice long-exposure photography. Note that the park was near pitch dark with only nearby street lamps illuminating the environment which affected this long exposure.


A MPC talk while they briefed their Masterclass assignment for those of us who wanted to get into facial blendshape transferring.


I’ve always known from a young age I have a nut allergy but I never actually knew the specifics. 20 or so years later and some additional months of waiting I finally took an allergy test at Bournemouth Hospital. They pricked holes in my skin all the way down my left arm to apply solutions containing specific allergens such as peanuts, grass and pet hair to see how my body would react after making contact to my bloodstream. The numbered sticker is to mark what allergens were applied to that specific area and the larger the swelling an area gets the more severe my allergy is to that allergen. While peanuts were formally confirmed being a huge allergy danger for me, it came as a surprise to find out that I had just as big of an allergy to cat and dog hair! I have never been that much in close contact towards animals personally so this came as a surprise.


Photo of Waterloo Station as I arrive from Bournemouth and plan to head home for the Christmas season. My connecting trains are always through central London so I always tend to make it a day in London whenever I travel between home and Bournemouth.


Shot of Oxford Streets with is plethora of Christmas lights on display.


Played Undertale on Christmas Day as one of my dear friends gifted it to me on Steam! Toriel is such a good character…


Taro bubble tea I got from Chatime, a bubble tea place in Soho Chinatown in London as I walk around central London for a bit before I travel back to Bournemouth.


A shot of the cloudy sky from my student house garden.


Was visiting old friends in London for one of the weekends in January and stopped by Shoryu, this amazing ramen joint in London which makes the most legitimate Japanese ramen you can eat in the UK.


Shot of the upstairs hallway in my student house.


Went to Korean Grill during a chill evening out with my coursemates.


Snow! In Bournemouth! This was the first time that I had ever seen in Bournemouth and it just happened to only appear towards the end of my university year.


Took a couple of shots around Slades farm on my way back home from uni just before the sun set.


Had some lovely Shake Shack at Westfield Stratford during the Easter break.


My sister won tickets to visit The Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham so off on the train we went! This is a photo of me trying out the Samsung Gear VR watching a 360 trailer of Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Photo of one of the pathways into the forest parts of Slades Farm.


One of the handful of late nights alone in the animation computer labs on campus working on my final year project.


Revising for my final exam ever they day before at Korean Grill with my sister who came down to see the Busted concert with me!


One of the dozens of blurry snapshots I took at the Busted concert, who were doing a UK revival tour and just happened to be one of my favourite bands when I was a child! The crowd got out their smartphones with the flashlight on as Busted performed “Sleeping with the Light On”.


My staggered hand after our final year written exam.


Post-exam cocktails!


Attended MCM Comic Con in May! Was a refreshing day after a week of seeing Busted live and finishing my exam earlier on in the week, it was great meeting up with old friends!


Panorama shot of the new Fusion building that had just opened up during the last few months of my academic uni year. Such a shame that they built this just about as I was about to graduate. Always had lunch there the day it opened which overlapped the final few weeks before our final year project deadline.


The final night before the formal final year project submission deadline. I was pretty much done on my end and was finalising my report at the time so during my breaks I was building a house of  Wacom tablets.


Visited Southampton for my friend’s birthday and went to the IKEA food court for some scrumptious Swedish meatballs and raspberry pie!


We had a delicious Italian meal that night!


Ended the day playing dozens of rounds of bowling!


One of my housemate’s left early so I was able to colonise his desk for a short while.


Pokemon GO was released around the time of July (but not officially in the UK) so I tried it out! It was really unstable during the time of launch so the game didn’t always connect to its servers, I still decided to walk around the Ensbury Park area in Bournemouth anyway as I never had the time to due to all of the assignments.


Shot of my ex-housemate’s colonised room as I begin to pack up.


And so the final shot of my stuff in my dad’s car as I travel back home for the last time as a Bournemouth University student…


Free beer at the NCCA Degree Show hosted at The Mill in Soho, London! Talked and networked with loads of recruiters present at the event and even exchanged business cards!


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