Lewes Bonfire Night 2015

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Just thought I’d share some photos I took at the Bonfire Night event at Lewes I went to with my friends from my course back in November. I never realised how big of a deal the bonfire celebrations were in Lewes until I looked up on the history after event and suddenly seeing a giant effigy of a naked David Cameron with a pig’s head at the event.

Most of the photos were taken using a Nikon D3300 with the standard 18-55mm VR II kit lens, until nearly towards the end of the event my camera’s battery depleted so I had to resort to using my Nexus 6’s camera using the Manual Camera app I had just got at the time.

It was raining heavily during the evening so me and my friends were soaked, even with our coat jackets on. The strong winds on top of the rain didn’t help either so it wasn’t the best condition to operate a rather expensive camera. I was overly worried because the D3300 isn’t exactly weather proof and thought it wouldn’t survive from the amount of rainwater peltering away at the camera’s body, but fortunately my camera manages to live another day!

After the parade-like marches down the streets of Lewes the celebration concludes with all of the featured effigies being taken to a specific site in the town where it they’ll be torched and flamed into ashes. A paid ticket is required to enter these sites and watch the effigies burn up close so what most people did was to walk up the big hill towards the Lewes Golf Course on the East side of the town where it gives a breathtaking view of the entire town and will be able to see all of the effigies engulfed in flames in the distance. It was hard to see the entire town as we got up the hill due to the heavy rain and wind but after it miraculously calmed down later it was such a sight to behold, if only my camera still had a bit of power at the time haha.

Without further ado enjoy the photos!



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